Clark Kent’s Rock And Roll Revue


Here at London Happening, we support independent culture in all its forms. So when subculture website Public Pressure came to us with the idea for a cassette tape compilation of some of the best music out there, we knew we had to say yes.

Curated by John Clay from Clark Kent’s Rock And Roll Revue and singer and designer Puss Johnson, the tape brings together songs from fourteen vital artists, including Arrows Of Love, Nova Twins and Healthy Junkies.

With this tape, Public Pressure are looking to change the financial dynamics of the music industry for independent artists, bringing money from youth and culture brands into the subculture. As more and more music is pushed into the purely digital realm, they want to challenge the idea that music is nothing but a commodity. By releasing a cassette tape, they are making something real and lasting, an object that can survive beyond the ephemeral digital world and help spread the word about great bands to a new audience.