Bang On! attacks consumerism in his latest cassette tape


London Happening are excited to announce the collaborative release of Str8 2.mp3 on a limited edition cassette, created by the brilliant Bang On! and and supported by subcultural network Public Pressure.

Bang On! has been on setting off radars for a long while now, with tracks on various Blah Records compilations and a plethora of solid features. His 2012 project [sic] was released through UK heavyweight independent label Big Dada Recordings, part of Ninja Tune, and home to prominent acts such as Roots Manuva, Wiley, and Kate Tempest. Earlier this year, Bang On! sporadically popped up afresh with a cloudy experimental EP, ‘The Power of Not Being Arsed’, that swiftly served to remind that yes he was in fact still around.

With some Soundcloud delving we found Str8 2.mp3, a heavily electronic EP dripping in sarcasm and released digitally in June 2018.

As Bang On! wrote in Public Pressure recently: “Str8 2.mp3 is a satirical mixtape intended to critique modern day consumerism, particularly its effect on music. The irony of pressing up cassettes of a mixtape called Str8 2.mp3: playing on the term ‘Straight to VHS’, is basically the wittiest yet pretentious prank or piece of performance art I think I could have possibly conceived.”


Cover photo by Ingrid Otto